Why this book?

Appeals to the “Gamer”

Ian understands the “Gamer” mindset, he also used to be an avid game player (and still is). That was until he realised he could have fun and also make money online. You can discover how by simply reading Ian’s book.

Solid Foundation

Even though Internet Marketing for Teenagers is easy to read it reveals solid methods and principles on which you can build and develop an online business in any field or interest you may have. It’s up to you and your imagination.

Unlimited Possibilities

Your income possibilities are only limited by your imagination and determination to succeed. Unlike paid employment where you swap work hours for money, an online income required some initial effort, but then you end up working less hours for lots of money.

What our customers said

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If you have even the slightest interest in selling your own products or promoting other people’s products online, then you should get this book so you know the right way to get started.

Sai Veera

If you, your son, or your daughter would like to know how to set up a small or big Internet business then this is the book for you. Written in plain easy to read and understand English, Ian Richardson covers all you need to know to get started and more. Worth 10x the asking price. You won’t find better information anywhere.

Peter Crowe


Synopsis of each chapter.

Getting Started. – This is a brief introduction and some history on how others have made it online and the mindset you will need to adopt in order to do the same.

A Superhero Name. – This chapter covers the all-important task of deciding upon and establishing a good identity online. This is how you will be noticed and remembered. It also covers the all-important task of deciding upon and registering a domain name.

About Author

Ian Richardson

Ian has been involved with and studying marketing techniques since the early 80s. Television, Radio, Yellow pages, Newspapers, Classifieds, Catalogues, Letterbox Drops, Telemarketing, Door-To-Door, you name it and Ian has been involved with it somehow. Since the mid 90’s he turned his interest to the Internet because, like many others, he saw an opportunity emerging that was going to be like no other ever seen before.

Fast forward to the present day and Ian could say he has nearly drowned in the amount of information that is flooding the Internet by the minute. Trying to make sense of this information and also use the Internet as a Marketing platform can be a challenge to anyone. Also trying to do this in the most cost-effective way can seem an insurmountable task, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Ian is excited to assist people use the Internet as an effective marketing tool. He enjoys implementing proven step-by-step systems to increase sales using Best-Of-Breed Social Media and Internet Marketing techniques.

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People of all ages are making money from marketing online – and it’s a lot simpler than it might seem. While you might be able to play video games and chat with your friends online, wouldn’t it be more fun to make some money while your computer is on?

Grab this book today and discover how you can start making money online!

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